The Power of Coaching

While this post might not at first appear to be about SEO, internet marketing, or any kind of business – stay with me and you’ll realise that it is, in fact it applies to just about everything.

Is there anything you want to achieve, that just feels out of your reach, scary, not quite possible – you might dream about doing it, but deep down it just feels beyond your grasp? If so, keep reading…

I was at a local indoor trampolining centre with my kids this weekend, where incredibly, I learned a hugely important lesson, which is the power of coaching. If this sounds boring to you, like I’m going to tell you something you’ve heard a thousand times, please stay with me a minute, as I think you might be surprised.

Until this experience I really didn’t fully appreciate just how powerful and important coaching really is, I think I saw it just as one of those things that people do if they have too much money, or if they’re over thinking something. I’m self taught in most things, including SEO, all aspects of web marketing, and all of the internet marketing skills I have are self taught. OK I’ve read a lot, watched videos and gathered information from various sources, and I’ve tried them out and learned what does work and what doesn’t, but I’ve not had specific teaching or coaching in SEO, email marketing, or any other aspect of web marketing or business in general.

I’m realising now though, since what happened at the weekend, just how quicker I could have achieved the things I have, and just how much more I could have achieved by now if I had realised earlier how powerful coaching really is.

Here’s what happened…

So, on New Years Eve, in the day time, my daughter was out with her friends, and my son wasn’t doing anything, so I offered to take him to the trampoline centre he really likes. It’s not far away, and it has a parkour section and all kinds of other stuff including foam pits, and this huge trampoline complex with trampolines up the walls, you probably know the kind of place I’m talking about?

I had great fun, and I was aching for a good week or so after, literally every muscle I had, including some I didn’t know I had, was aching. So I was impressed with this as a workout, in terms of the all over body workout I must have had from it giving the all over aching! When my daughter told me the other day that she was planning on going with her friends on Saturday, I thought it would be good for another workout, so I took her and her friends, and my son came too, so me and him could go off and not cramp my daughter’s style too much ;-).

My son had been coaching me on new years eve on doing a back flip into the foam pit. Backflips are something that I’ve never done, I remember as a kid on trampolines etc., I never attempted them as it just felt completely alien to throw myself backwards. I had done somersaults onto crash mats as a kid, but never backflips, the thought of trying it scared the crap out of me.

I surprised myself by actually doing a backflip into the foam pit, thanks to my son’s coaching, but I didn’t think I’d be able to do it on the trampoline, in fact the thought of even attempting it didn’t even enter my head.

But then on Saturday, I was attempting and failing miserably at somersaults on the trampolines. I just kept not landing them properly and ending up on my arse, which is what would always happen previously if I tried to do this. A guy who works there, came over to me and said something along the lines of: “You know, you’ve nearly got that, all you need to do is really dig in on that last bounce before you go for it, propel yourself just that little bit higher, and you’ll land it!”

So I said, OK – and I landed my next somersault, and the one after that, and then again, and then again… My son couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it – the guy who told me what to do, did believe it, and it turned out that he gets his kicks from coaching people into doing things like this, and he told me that he’d coached 4 kids that day to do their first backflip.

I went on to tell him that my son had been coaching me on New Years Eve and got me to do my first backlip into the foam pit, and his reaction was “I want to see that, come and show me…” and we followed him to the foam pits.

I stood at the edge of the foam pit, and back flipped into it. He told me that I had a really tight flip, I had a lot of spring in my jump, and all I needed to do was tuck my knees in tighter, and he encouraged me to try again. I did it a couple more times, and he told me I had it, and said “right, now go do it on the trampolines!”

My son, by the way, is really good at all this stuff, he could already land somersaults and so on, and was back flipping onto crash mats, but he had never done a backflip on the trampoline at this point either.

I responded that I really didn’t think I could do that, and in my head I just knew I couldn’t do it, there was no way I was going to attempt it! He kept encouraging me, so I tried it off the trampoline onto the air bags, and I landed it, he then offered me a challenge. “If you go land a backflip on the trampolines, I’ll do one flat”, and by flat he meant just on the floor, not on anything springy.

He told me that it was easy on the trampoline, and if I could do it onto the air bag, and into the foam pit, I could do it on there no problem. I don’t know what came over me, I think it was down to trusting what this guy was telling me, that in an instant I went from having no doubt in my head that I definitely couldn’t do this, and I wouldn’t even attempt it, to just literally walking onto the trampoline, and doing a backflip!

I did it, my first attempt, and I landed it perfectly!

My son was amazed, I was even more amazed, and the guy coaching me was obviously very happy that as well as the four kids he’d coached that day into doing a back flip, he’d now also coached an old fart into doing the same.

I shook his hand and thanked him for the fact that he’d helped me to beat my son to landing a back flip ;-), he then said to my son “Oh, we cant have this, your dad can land back flips and you can’t, come on, lets see you.” or words to that effect. At that, my son who had never tried to do a backflip on a trampoline before, went and did exactly the same as me, and landed the first backflip he attempted!

After this, we were both doing backflip after backflip, and my son even did a backflip, landed it, and did a somersault straight after. This is something I need to work on next time. I did a back flip and then a somersault after a couple more bounces, but I didn’t try going straight from one to the other.

Since this event It’s so clear to me that if there is something that you or I want to do, but we don’t think we can do it, or we’re not quite sure how to, all we need to do is seek out someone who has done it, and who does know how to do it, and get some coaching in order to help you to achieve the same. It just seems so obvious now, but I didn’t see it like this until this weekend.

The guy who was doing the coaching, did stay true to his word by the way, and did a backflip on the floor where he was stood, which was a cool thing to watch. He’s not a gymnastic looking guy either, he’s a body builder, so he’s not built the way that you might expect someone to be who would just do a backflip on the spot like that.

The feeling of doing that backflip for the first time, was incredible, but it wasn’t just about the backflip itself, it was about breaking through a barrier – doing something that I was sure up until moments earlier, was way beyond my ability.

As soon as this happened it dawned on me that what I’d just discovered has universal application. That is, there were some things I wanted to achieve, but didn’t know how to, and didn’t believe I could do, they seemed way beyond my grasp.  So I found someone else who did know how to do these things, to whom it didn’t seem impossible, and he shared with me his knowledge, and his belief, and I did it.

This applies to everything, not just how to do a backflip. If I want to make the leap from having a blog which is currently just a small side income, and turn it into a $20,000 per month or more, full time income, that could be just as easy as learning to backflip, if I can just find the right people to get coaching from.

This was like a switch flipping in my head, it was like a light being switched on, I just suddenly got it – anything is possible if you find someone who knows how, and you learn from them. I always knew this, but I discovered it practically for the first time this weekend. There’s a difference between knowing something, and really knowing something, if you know what I mean?

So here’s a question for you. Is there anything you really want to achieve, but you feel like it’s currently beyond your reach, you don’t quite know how to do it, and like me with the backflips, you fear that if you attempt it, you may end up on your arse?

If so, the answer is – find a coach! Find someone who knows how to do what you want to do, someone who has done it themselves, and get some coaching, to help you to make that leap.

Yes of course you need to be careful to find the right person, but it’s really a lot easier to do that now than is used to be. Back when I was first blogging about SEO etc., in the early 00s, there was very little transparency about what people were earning and how much success they were achieving, and there was quite a bit of dishonesty going on when it came to selling ebooks and courses.

OK I’m sure there are still some people that aren’t being completely honest, but it’s far, far easier now to find out if someone is what they’re claiming to be. The web is now a very difficult place to hide within, as information is so easy to come by.


I will do some research and highlight some people offering coaching in various aspects of blogging and web marketing that I think are worth finding out more about, and I’ll update this post when I’ve done that.

By the way, the backflips turned out to be an amazing workout! Once again every muscle I have is aching, and especially my core muscles, so that’s a good sign! 😉