Local small business SEO services means getting a small business ranked highly on Google and other search engines for local search terms, such as “business type” “area”, and other related terms. This is my favorite kind of SEO work. I can get results for businesses like this in a very short space of time, and on an affordable budget, meaning my clients see a return on their investment quickly and without risking large amounts of money.

I’ve been offering effective affordable local SEO services to small businesses since the early 00s. I’m experienced, I’m easy to work with, and my services are affordable. So if you’re looking for a freelance SEO consultant to work with, who knows their stuff and has the ability to increase your online results quickly and with little cost and fuss, then you might have come to the right place, use the form below for an almost instant quote:

What do I do?

Keyword Research 

My local affordable SEO services start out with keyword / search term research. I do some research using my SEO tools, to highlight the best search terms available to the business, which are usually terms such as “business type” “area”, “best” “business type” in “town”, “service” in “town”, and so on.

In addition to the main search terms, I identify the best mixer terms, the kind of words that I can see in several other long tail search terms, meaning longer search terms that include the main search terms and other words, to increase the number of different search terms bringing local traffic to the website.

Without good search term research, it’s almost impossible to implement good effective search engine optimisation to a website.

On Page SEO for existing content

The bulk of the search engine optimisation work once I’ve done the keyword research, is to optimise the pages of the website for these search terms, starting with the home page. The most important area for on page SEO is the page title, and then several other elements including URL (the name of the page), the meta description, page content, and elements such as alt image text, header text and anchor text (the text used in internal and external hyperlinks).

Often I will also improve and increase the existing page content in addition to tweaking it to make it more Google friendly.

On Page Content Creation

Unique content is the life blood of websites, so one of the most important elements of on page search engine optimisation is the creation of new, relevant and valuable website content.

Off Page content Creation & Outreach

Off page SEO means getting links to the client’s website from other websites, and it’s this work which is mainly responsible for increasing the search engine trust, also known as trust flow “link juice”, which is very important, especially when it comes to ranking to more competitive search terms.

How much of this is required does depend on the competitiveness of the search terms being targeted, but at least some off page SEO in the form of creating content and having this content published on other websites linking back to the client’s website, is usually required. There are no longer any easy shortcuts to offpage SEO, such as paid backlinks or article networks, these are things of the past thanks to Google continually getting smarter, so it has to be done properly.

Click through rate optimisation

In addition to focusing on page ranking, there’s another very important area which is often missed, which is click through rate. If you’ve ever invested in Google Adwords ads or other paid search, you will know the importance of the headline of the ad being as good as possible to increase the click through rate, and also the other lines of the ad. What many people forget is that click through rate is equally important with organic search.

When someone searches for something, and they get to page one, where your webpage is found, just being there doesn’t guarantee you the click through, the listing has to compel the visitor to click.

The page title becomes the bold headline in the Google search results, and the description usually becomes the snippet of text that is shown under the page title. I say usually as it’s not always the case, but it is usually if they’re well written. So the page title isn’t just a ranking factor, it’s also the sales headline when you view the results as ads, which is what they are, and the description isn’t just a place to stick some keywords, it’s the body of the ad.

So I combine my SEO skills with my copywriting skills, and I write page titles and meta descriptions which work as great ads, and therefore lead to great click through rates. You will be able to view your click through rates in Google Analytics, and you don’t want to see thousands of “impressions” (potential visitors) and only a handful of clicks (visitors) and a tiny CTR, instead you will want to see nice healthy click through rates, and this only happens when SEO is combined with good copywriting when it comes to titles and descriptions.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console

If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, I’ll set it up for you – and I’ll then do the small amount of work to get Analytics set up on your website. I’ll also set up Google Search Console (formally known as Google Webmaster Tools), and I’ll connect the two together, to give you more control and insight into your traffic.

Set up and manage all local search listings

There are several different aggregators when it comes to local search results, including Google Plus, Facebook, Factual, Hotfrog, Bing, Central Index, Yelp, Foursquare, Infogroup, Neustar Localeze, Acxiom, Factual and Foursquare & ThompsonLocal. Ensuring that you have complete listings on all these sites (some are UK only, some US only) and maintaining these listings, ensures a better local search presence. This is optional as this isn’t a case of set and forget, listings need maintaining, which means a small monthly cost to a third party provider.

What do I charge for my SEO services?

It simply depends on your budget and how competitive your search terms are, but my services are usually affordable to small businesses. I don’t get many people reacting with rude expletives when I quote them, which I think is quite a good sign ;-).

To find out, just fill in the quote request form below and I’ll reply (usually very quickly) with a no obligation quote.